PREORDER - This Void Beckons (paperback)

PREORDER - This Void Beckons (paperback)


Through a distinct narrative prose, formed as poetry, This Void Beckons recalls the progression of human ancestry, the legacy it has left and contemplates the notion of what the future holds. Fashioned as an individual pilgrimage tailored for each reader, the Void is a place all will find familiar, yet dually distant. Accompanied with a guide, you are granted entrance to this ancient path; where morality, collective human spirituality, and personal introspection collide to administer a remarkable, never-ending tale.


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Pre-ordering This Void Beckons between December 2017 and January 24, 2018, will receive the following complimentary additions: a download code for the complete audio album of Nicoteane and Other Foolish Mistakes ( available on iTunes, Google Music, and Amazon Music) and an admissions ticket for the release celebration in early 2018.