Dancing with Divinity

Photography graciously provided by Joshua Foo \  www.joshuafoo.com

Photography graciously provided by Joshua Foo \ www.joshuafoo.com

    For millennia, the conscious human collective has validated its progressive milestones through the foundation of an institution rooted in the unknown - the existence of divine force(s). Generations of humankind have erected empires, monuments, and entire histories revolving around the essence of a higher power. The metrics utilized to indicate life, are built upon bio-chemical processes, but the placement of ‘god’ has been prescribed into a realm which created the pattern of all things, yet is separate from its creation. This is the greatest fallacy ever perpetuated by human beings.

    The image and understanding of ‘god’ has always been a man-made paradox, represented in ‘human likeness’, ‘nature’, ‘language’, or some form of human perspective - in short ‘god’ is dually tangible and unmeasurable. On an empirical level, ‘god’ is the production of energy throughout all of cosmic order. This notion allows us, as humans, to accept the proposal that ‘god’ is in all of us, yet separate from the realm of the physical.

     Molecular analysis tells us that chemicals which align to produce life, also reverberate throughout cosmic creations. The proponent which manifests itself into the complex order of living beings and is separate from the creation of life is interchangeable. In reality, isn’t that the absolute embodiment of the abstract idea of divine force? If the foundation of the cosmos is both dually present within us, and the intricate patterns of the universe; we are quite literally in ‘direct alignment with universally divine power’.

    Within the structure of divinity there is an ultimate ‘bliss’ or ‘fulfillment’, which is obtained through becoming one with the very essence of ‘god’. It therefore makes sense, when applied to natural occurrences, that ‘heaven’ is the same as the productions of death. When death befalls a living organism, it breaks down into the components which are the backbones of their existence. In a purely, authentic way - the after ‘life’ is actually a mere continuation of the cycle which produces the living. The difference between the living and the dead, is the vessel through which one functions. The confinement of livelihood as we know it, is found within the flesh and density of tangibility. When an organism dies, the transaction that ultimately occurs is the releasing of natural compounds into a realm of unrestricted movement. The spiritual realm, the lack of a physical vessel is a very real place, yet it is not tangible to the naked eye. It is dually abstract, yet present in this moment now.

    There is a reason why the invocation of divine order is interactive. The answer is found within our very essence. The ‘god’ of man-made knowledge is a myth, the ‘god’ humans are searching for is actually rooted in the very foundation of our births as galactic beings. We are the products of star dust. The aftermath of cosmic movement and dormancy. The birth of a new star is the remnants of a horrifically powerful crumbling of an elder star - commonly known as a ‘supernova’. As star byproducts ourselves, we must analyze our own selves as ever configuring and folding monuments to divine order.


    We are god.

    We are the living and eternal power source.

    We will continue to exist, even after the physical vessel is broken down, even after the crumble of our former bodies.

    We are born again, into naturally unrestricted spaces, into the pattern between neurons, the silence between ritual drumbeats, and the falling of rain drops onto the sea of everlasting time.

    We are infinite, everlasting, and reverberating supernovas - eternally dancing with the divine patterns of creation.

    We are.

    I am.

    You are.

                                                                            - a.j.k. o'donnell   4.4.16


a.j.k. o'donnell