Venue Stipulations and Requirements

Please consult the below requirement before requesting o'donnell to feature

Be advised that a.j.k. o'donnell reserves the right to expand, change, and edit the following criteria at any point in time: 


1. venues must be inclusive environments for all identities including, but not limited to: sex, ethnicity, gender, religious beliefs, race, origin, language usage, education status, etc.

2. venues must be accessible for individuals of any physical capability such as wheelchairs, crutches,  scooters and other modes of movement.

3. venues must have inclusive bathroom policies, and or, have restrooms specifically marked intersex/non-binary unrestrictive. 

4. venues must be willing to discuss the monetary stipends of performance, and or, the erasure of stipends fulfilled through admission fees. 

5. venues must have a form or system which allows individuals under 18 to enter and spectate the performance.

6. any further stipulations will be discussed once an application has been approved.