In the beginning

there was deep purple. 

A radiant purple. The kind of purple that feels like Love. The kind of purple that smells like a Mother’s embrace. Or a breath of ancient wisdom. The kind of purple that consumes you. The fluid, pulsating kind. It was that purple. Warm. Full. 




This Void Beckons






" humans 

have an unprecedented ability

no other being on earth can perform 

the acquirement of perpetual peace "


Through a collection of poems, constructed as a narration of prose, This Void Beckons recalls the progression of human ancestry, the legacy it has left, and contemplates the notions of what the future holds. Richly investigating the themes of minority treatment, current and past cultural oppression, and the vitality of human solidarity, you are granted entrance to this ancient path. Accompanied with a guide, you walk where morality, collective human spirituality, and individual introspection collide. Occurring on the abstract plane of human consciousness, This Void Beckons administers a remarkable, never-ending tale.



"For I know it is tiring

to be constantly running

from a world which won't let you heal

won't let you forget"


In the winter of 2014, a.j.k. o'donnell began to collect pieces of poetry and other writing they have been working on for the past five years, and compiled them into a bound collection. Today Nicoteane and Other Foolish Mistakes is an acclaimed literary journey, venturing through the darkness and lonely paths of a disillusioned past. Published in June of 2015, Nicoteane has been read across country borders, age variants, and remains one of o’donnell’s personal triumphs. 





and Other Foolish Mistakes

A segment of He Was A Dreamer from Nicoteane and Other Foolish Mistakes. (recording courtesy of Elias Ginsberg, professional filmographer in Omaha, Nebraska.)